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We Make Downloading Trucking Data Easy

In just 3 simple clicks, you will be able to download millions of trucking contacts to your computer, phone or tablet. No more having to understand file formats like .csv or .accdb or .xls. No more “messy mapping” of contact files before you import. Let our behind-the-scenes website technology handle all the hard-to-understand details. Start being more productive immediately!

Easy Data Downloading

We offer the best value for your dollar

With over 1.4 million carriers, 45,000 shippers and brokers, and over 2,000 cargo tanks, no other service can match the industry relevance or affordable price. We want you to be as competitive, aggressive, and choosy as we are when it comes to your trucking data. Thousands of dollars have been spent collecting this data, yet no one in the industry can match our price, ease-of-use or amount of data provided.


Every person or company wants more leads, customers, sales and profits. We deliver trucking contacts that are ready-to-use in multiple file formats to help you achieve your goals faster. All it takes is one click and you are done.


About Data Driven Shipping

  • Small to large business owners
  • Trucking company sales representatives
  • Trucking companies looking for drivers
  • Brokers and forwarders
  • Those trying to get hired in the trucking industry
  • Sub-haul companies
  • Suppliers to the trucking industry
  • Legal counsel to the trucking industry
  • Other professional service providers to the trucking industry
I started Data Driven Shipping as a trucking industry leader trying to solve a problem that I found difficult. I wanted to drive sales for my company by downloading trucking information, but couldn’t believe how difficult this turned out to be.

The problem is that many database companies forced me to map the contact fields after I’ve purchased the data. I wasn’t sure of how to do this or if I was doing it correctly. I didn’t want to have to format it myself, I wanted something I could use right away!

Data Driven Shipping makes that possible. The genius is in the behind-the-scenes back-end programmin. You do not need to do extra work converting the data. You get right to your trucking data faster at a price you can afford.

We give you the best value for your data dollars.
You need an affordable, effective service to get trucking contacts, without getting IT involved. Data Driven Shipping provides a one-click solution to get you to your data faster.

Bottom line: We make downloading trucking data easy.
"The database is huge and it's very easy to use.
I would definitely recommend it to other businesses. "
- Laila Birke, Prime Transport Solutions

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Easy Data Downloading